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End of Week 5

Hi Parents. Sorry for the lack of updates! Things got busy with the film then I got sick. I've got my health back so things should be normal now til the end of the year.

Feel free to come in and check out your child's art that they have done for the 2010 calendar fundraiser. The pieces look great! Below are two examples.


Welcome to Term 4!

Hi Parents, Term 4 is going to be awesome.

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out your child’s website.

Next term there will be set homework for Room 3 children. Each child will have a sheet where they will write their weekly list of words onto. Each word in their list has to be used in a sentence. I will be demonstrating this to the class during Week 1 but really it is as simple as it sounds. If your child has 20 words in their list then they will have 20 sentences etc.
This homework will be compulsory. You don’t have to worry about motivating your child to complete it during the week as I feel they are old enough to organise their own time. Children who can’t show me completed homework on Friday morning (whether on the sheet provided, scrap paper or in a homework book) will not get in trouble but will spend their golden minute time on Friday afternoon completing it.

A PDF file of the spelling homework sheet can be downloaded here:
12 word list or 20 word list

During Ag Day classrooms will be opened for your child to tour your family through. This year Room 3 will be creating sand saucers as their art piece (much the same to what Room 4 children did last year). Your child will need to bring an empty tray, box lid or large plate etc. and some items of their choice that they can decorate their piece with. Which items they bring will depend on the kind of theme they would like their sand tray to have. Some ideas are flowers, mirrors, coloured stones/pebbles, army men, figurines, cars, ribbons, shells, coloured card… Items will need to be brought to school ready for Friday morning when we will start creating the masterpieces. The Ag Day judges will be awarding certificates to their favourite ones.

Due to camp in Week 2, Room 3 will be hosting the community assembly at the end of week 4.

Please remember camp permission slips and money to come in ASAP.



Term 4 Camp Info

Hi Parents, A notice should have come home tonight regarding the Room 3 & 4 camp next term. If the notice didn't make it home download it here.

Our Latest Artwork


Room 3 Websites! (End of Week 9)

Room 3's websites are now live! Click here to view the index or copy and paste the following in your address bar: http://www.pahoia.school.nz/Room3/ROOM3Websites/classindex.htm


Pahoia United - Running For The Door


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Senior Disco

Here are some funny photos I meant to post a few weeks ago.


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